August 7th, 2018

A chip that replaces animal testing!

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For those of you who are against animal testing and only opt for cruelty-free products.

Here’s some amazing news that can perhaps lift your mood for a moment. Organs-On- a- chip is a small chip the size of a USB flash drive which replicates the functions of certain organs, just as they do in the body.

The chips are designed to mimic key functions of organs in the human body and find the effects of chemicals or environmental factors on human tissues.

This could eventually replace animal testing in the near future and provide an alternative solution to cell cultures. Organs-on-a- chip is presently used to test newly developed cosmetics and drugs.

Animal testing does not represent the living biology of human tissues and organs.

Clinical studies in animals do not directly translate to human biology.

A lot many of the new drugs which are deemed safe and effective in animals fail in clinical trials with humans due to the difference in physiology.

Approximately more than 100 million animals are used in laboratory experiments worldwide every year.


Organs-on-a-chip place living human cells in an engineered microenvironment.

They are made up of flexible translucent polymers.

Each chip features tiny hollow channels less than a millimeter in diameter.

These channels are lined with living human cells extracted from a particular organ.

When nutrients air, blood, and test compounds are pumped through these channels, the chip recreates what is happening within the tissue system in the human body.


Organs-on-a-chip in near future can be used for disease modeling and personalized medicine.

These can be used to make drugs tailored specifically for individual patients according to their prevailing condition and need.

Organs-on-a-chip can also allow molecular and functional monitoring and real-time imaging of living cells in high resolution with high accuracy and speed.

A Lung on a chip was the first functional organ to be developed and kidney-on-a-chip and other organs followed along with the Gut-on-a- chip.

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