About Us

About Us

About NursesBond

NursesBond is a platform that combines professionalism and networking to bring about positive social change. Our community gives you a sense of belonging to a team that leads, educates and empowers you to become the best in both your professional and individual endeavors.

We believe in collaboration and partnership with colleagues, leaders, mentors and business associates to reach your maximum potential. We also believe in giving back and paying it forward to individuals in our communities and around the world. As you join NursesBond, be assured that you are with a community that cares about you to care about others.

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Mission Statement

TargetTo build and empower a community of healthcare professionals who will be intentional is their leadership, education and business while impacting the life of others at professional levels and beyond.

Our Objective

MagnifyTo create avenues for learning and networking that will enhance professional growth.

Our Vision

EyeTo be globally recognized as the premier healthcare network of professionals where ideas, opportunities and values are shared among members and affiliates.

Our Team