(501c3 California Corporation Tax ID: 85-4324909)

Be a helping hand, pay it forward to a society that served you so you can serve others. At NursesBond foundation, we value lives both old and young, we value a helping hand to those in need. Our foundation focuses on three main areas:

  • Community service to rural and underserved area (at the end of our annual conferences, NursesBond conducts a community service to help individuals in need of food, shelter and other basic amenities).
  • NursesBond Education and Scholarship scheme. Every year, we give scholarships and mentorship to students in healthcare fields.
  • Caring for the elderly on nursing homes and hospice care. During the covid-19 pandemic, we started donating thousands of PPE to nursing homes and skills nursing facilities. We are continuing this act of kindness through your donations.

If you believe in any of the above, then join us together to lift and save souls.

  • Community Service
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Care for the Elderly