June 20th, 2018

Stem cells hold the secret to regenerating teeth

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Everyone in their childhood secretly dreaded those dental and vision checkups.
Perhaps, because one they made us aware of our shortcomings and two the pain and discomfort accompanying it.
But, you are not alone.
91% of the Americans between the ages 20-64 are afflicted with dental issues.
The happy news is perhaps in near future we can be saved from the trauma of root canal, and those uncomfortable Amalgam fillings!
Stem Cell fillings is the latest find, it helps the teeth repair and regenerate themselves and eliminate the need for a root canal.
Apparently stem cells are injected into the tooth and hardened with ultra violet (UV) light.
The Hardened cells then stimulate the damaged tooth to heal itself.
But HOW??
Stem cells fillings can help regenerate dentin right in the teeth, dentin is a tissue harder than bone
And forms the major portion of a tooth located above an area called the dental pulp.
If small molecule drugs work well, it will be a breakthrough for a new era.
Scientists at the University of Buffalo in New York are exploring a more radical way to grow teeth.
A team led by Praveen Avany, assistant professor for Oral Biology at the University is testing the use
Of low beams laser light which would help stimulate tooth regeneration.
Low doses of laser on the damaged part induces stem cells to release dentin.
The laser apparently activates a special protein called TGF-BETA 1.
The TGF-BETA 1 is a growth factor that regulates cell growth and differentiation, allowing the tooth
To heal itself.
This will also eliminate the need for tooth replacement.
Currently the procedures used to fix teeth involve drilling out the decay and replacing the lost
Tooth with synthetic fillings, which are both toxic and incompatible to the cells and the pulp tissue inside the tooth.
Scientists are of the view that stem cells are an effective option and the bio materials used are in direct contact with pulp tissue allowing easy repair.
Banking your children’s wisdom teeth stem cells is also a good option for future advanced treatment purposes.

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