June 22nd, 2018

Your mental health and you

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Do you know taking care of your mental health is equally important as your physical health?
The human mind is the most extraordinary machine.
With the mental health awareness campaigns around the globe, millions of people
Have hit the gym realizing the benefits it serves.
Read on to know how important and interlinked being physically fit and staying mentally relaxed are!
A sedentary lifestyle links one to many illnesses.
Chronic stress impacts overall health, and the sad part stress doesn’t go anywhere
Until you find a way to deal with it.
Three steps to maintaining your mental health
1.EATING NUTRIENT DENSE DIET: Eating low fat, high fiber, and carbohydrate rich diet. Meals with plenty of fruits and veggies. These are comfort foods they help improve our moods and ability to deal with stress. Some foods help increase some hormones in the body that can naturally fight stress. While some others can reduce stress by lowering the hormones that help trigger it.
Staying hydrated is equally important as it helps flushing out the toxin buildup in the body. Ditch those fries and reach out to that guacamole for a less lazy and lethargic you!

2.YOGA, EXCERCISE AND MEDITATION IS BETTER THAN COFFEE: Exercise provides greater mental stimulation than the instant kick coffee provides. Hitting the Yoga or gym has long term benefits and improvements in cognition, mood and behavior. It helps you sleep much better helps you stay relaxed and energized for longer periods of time.
High intensity exercise and a significant boost in overall physical and mental health is proven by many health studies.

3.BEING SOCIAL : Isolation is the sense of being alone, separated from others
Socially and emotionally. This may lead a person to feel more anxious, lonely and depressed, which ultimately leads to erratic moods and loss in appetite.
Friendship is an impulse ingrained deeply inside us, it is a skill either taught or learnt. Making bonds, relations and ties provides us an outlet and should be a priority in this ever changing world.
Social media is addictive to us because it helps our mind with that outlet which it enjoys. One reason why you should be hooked on to Nursesbond!!:)

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