How to be Intentional in 2022

To act intentionally means to act on purpose, with deliberation. An intentional focus gives you more understanding of what you want and shows you where to invest your time and focus. We have put together six ways that you can be more intentional going into the new year of 2022.

Self-Care & Putting Yourself First
A huge misconception is that self-care is a synonym for self-indulgence or being selfish. Self-care does not mean that you do not help or care for others, it means that you are taking care of your health, career and other aspects of your life. Self-care is an important step in becoming the best version of yourself. Taking a little time each day for self care can increase your self-confidence, motivation, and energy..

Restart your Goals
Due to the pandemic, many of us have put goals that we intended to follow through with on hold.. It is important to rethink your priorities. Ask yourself; what is important and what is no longer important? Turn those priorities into realistic goals and take the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Write down each goal and put all your energy and focus into one at a time.

Make New Connections
Making new connections, both professional & personal, can highly benefit several aspects of your life. Professional connections are important to succeeding in goals you may have for your career. If you are a business owner, connections can lead to more networking & therefore more business for your company. Personal or social connections can lower depression and anxiety and also lead to higher self-esteem. As humans, we are social creatures and being social is an important part of our identity.

Take Calculated Risks
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “take a risk” as “to do something that may result in loss or failure.” Many individuals fear taking risks because they are afraid of failing, however, if you never attempt to take that risk how do you know for certain you will fail? Taking risks are a necessary step in achieving goals and requires courage to face the fear of uncertainty. It is important to not see a failure as a waste of time, because taking a risk is always a learning experience that will help build towards future goals.

Focus on your Strengths, Not your Weaknesses
Focusing on your strengths can help you feel more self aware, self-confident, and productive. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you function and as we build on our strengths we are also working towards eliminating our weaknesses.

Celebrate Baby Steps
A baby step is a very small step or advance in progress and these shouldn’t be ignored or discredited. Any step or progress should be celebrated regardless of how small or large. Celebrating baby steps can help you feel more confident about your abilities and in turn will create more successes to follow.

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