Continuing Education

Continuing Education


NursesBond in partnership with an outside vendor prepares nursing students for their NCLEX exams. Our NCLEX review class is one of a kind. With over a decade of NCLEX review experiences. We employ seasoned Nursing Professors who have the expertise to assist you add that two big letter words “RN” after your name. We offer two review choices: Individual or group/school booking.

Individual Booking: Join our one-to-one online or traditional extensive 3-day NCLEX reviews. These have been specifically designed to meet your NCLEX needs. Call now @ (951) 772-7013 or email us today at for more details.

Group/Nursing school booking: At a 10% discounted price, Call now @ (951) 772-7013 or email us at for our online/traditional extensive 3-day NCLEX review or our 2-hr each review of 5-10 times review classes. This has been specifically designed to meet your NCLEX needs.

NursesBond is in partnership with outside vendors to provider its members and non-members the opportunity to renew their certifications. Call now @ 9517727013 or email us today at for class availability and registration.


For some additional trainings, NursesBond is partnering with the following organization to provider members with additional resources to improve their self-care, retention, employee engagement and advance their careers.