On October 24th & 25th, healthcare professionals will come together virtually for the NursesBond Leadership and Educational Conference. The annual conference will feature guest speakers, Aspiring Leaders Club summit, networking, and comedian-led social night, and more.

NursesBond Inc. is the premiere leadership and educational network for healthcare professionals creating networking opportunities through social nights, annual conferences, job fairs and other events. NursesBond also provides continued educational programs, up-to-date healthcare news, mentorship programs, an exclusive job forum, and more.

The virtual conference will feature the theme “Innovative Strategies: Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership for Healthcare Professionals.” This will be addressed by several healthcare and leadership experts including two keynote speakers, panelists and other guest speakers. “There is always room to learn and grow especially at this time we need leadership the most,” said Chibunna Nwaobia, Executive Director of NursesBond Inc. “This conference will boost your leadership skills and empower you to become a trusted leader and entrepreneurship.”

For more information visit our website: www.nursesbond.com