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Chibunna E. Nwaobia

Executive Director

Chibunna Emmanuel Nwaobia PhD, MSN, MA, RN., comes with a wealth of knowledge in healthcare leadership and management.  He believes in helping individuals in any capacity to gain their momentum to live their dreams and aspirations. Due to his passion for social change, he believes that the best way to effect changes is through education which has the power to make impact in the lives of individuals. He also believes that no one tree can make a forest so he became a big fan of networking especially with people of like minds. Chibunna is the founder of NursesBond Inc. a social network platform that brings both healthcare and other professionals together for a positive social change. Chibunna is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Health Services with special concentration in Healthcare Management from Walden University, He earned his Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology from La Sierra University, Riverside CA, a Master of science in nursing leadership and management from Western Governors University UT and a Bachelor of science in nursing from the prestigious Babcock University, NG. He is the chair of the board, International Center for Policy and Social Change (ICPSC), a board member of Healthcare Executives of Southern California, an independent chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), member, Association of California nurse leaders (ACNL) and American Nurses Association (ANA).

Amina Samreen

Director of Social Media & Journals

Winner of Wild card award for journalism, awarded by the instructors at Riverside City College, California and a former star reporter and writer at The Hindu, National newspaper (India) interviewing Bollywood actors, directors and designers. Amina holds the director of social media and journals position at NursesBond Inc. She was a popular features writer for Arab News, National newspaper (Middle East) interviewing NASA scientists and popular French and Middle Eastern designers. Juggling with being a mommy and a former blogger for desi beauty blog, a Canadian beauty website, Amina Samreen handles different genres of writing with ease and creativity. Being health conscious herself, Amina believes taking care of your health should be a priority. Life is tough and happiness is as simple as a smile!

Areli Tirado

Administrative Assistant

Areli Tirado is currently the administrative assistant of NursesBond Inc. She's a graduate of digital marketing from Riverside Community College and currently pursuing her marketing degree at California State San Bernardino University. Prior to joining NursesBond Inc she worked as a Medical Assistant at Riverside University Health-System Medical Center for multiple years. She also does modeling and marketing of clothing and handbags for various companies. She enjoys traveling and the outdoors, spending time with family and reading fictional books.

Romi Abidoye

IT Director

Romi Abidoye MBA-IS, CIMP, CIST, CSM, DIT-CIA., is currently the IT Director for NursesBond Inc. He has a passion for Cybersecurity, healthcare security, teaching and mentoring professionals on best practices in information security. Romi believes humans can care more about each other if they spent more time trying to create solutions to protect the less fortunate and improve relationships. Over the past eight to ten years, Romi has worked for healthcare organizations, law firms, and local community colleges in the capacity of deploying information management tools and implementing information security policies to protect client data. Romi currently specializes in InfoSec Consulting, Change Management, and Healthcare Information Security. The sincerity in the practices and mission of NursesBond Inc, attracted Romi to bring his expertise and join the organization. Now he is a part of the mission and on the journey to be part of a great experience. Romi has decided to apply his leadership and Cyber-technical knowledge in educating and mentoring healthcare professionals on information security best practices. Although privacy and confidentiality in the healthcare industry go beyond information security, Romi has also implemented training and awareness programs for practitioners, patients, and clients in other sectors. Romi holds certifications in Identity Access Management, Scrum Master, and Information Security. Romi is currently in a Cybersecurity and Information Assurance doctoral program from Capella University.