June 19th, 2018

Why choose water??

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Make sure you reap the health benefits of staying hydrated this summer!
Summer is just around the corner and Memorial Day kicks starts the season of many fun filled sunshine days and hopefully breezy evenings.
Staying hydrated is a thing many can easily overlook or can replace in this season of high perspiration levels.
The precious water is mostly replaced with not so healthy high sugar, caffeinated beverages.
We at Nursesbond ensure that we take care of our members by all means. So here is a list of benefits that water provides to this extraordinary machine called Human body;
Water promotes Cardio vascular health, less water in your body is less blood volume. That makes harder for the heart to pump blood and thus you get tired very easy. Since water accounts more than 60% of the human body it sure is extremely important in keeping each cell healthy.
If you want age to really be just a number for you then become a H2O
Loyalist. Drinking water gives you a supple skin a dehydrated skin is equal to less elasticity and more wrinkles! Next time when the patient smiles at your age, thank your stars NOT the water of course.
Water also helps keep the tissues in your eyes, nose, ears and throat moist. It also helps in lubricating the joints in our body.
When you feel you are dragging yourself in the middle of your shift dehydration might be one reason. Drink some fluid for that quick boost.
Did you know short water fasts are also good ways to detox and are less strenuous on our body? Drinking water also flushes out the toxins and waste in the body and helps the body to absorb the other nutrients easily.
Gentle reminder there is no substitute to water so grab that water bottle.

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