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Cassandra Govan, CSBM

Conference Speaker

Cassandra M. Govan, Genetic Behavior Consultant at Dema Agency Consultants LLC, is known for consulting, coaching and using AI proprietary software in 123 lands and 11 languages to help individuals or employers decode innate hard-wired decision-making behaviors, transform minds and bodies, and promote growth in the key areas of life: career/business, relationships, health, and finances.

Cassandra spent over 3 years learning how to be work-life FIT and to solving, with 91% accuracy, why people aren’t productive and don’t comply with programs or plans which affects their ability to attain or sustain long-term results.

After losing her mom in Jan 21′ to a health issue, Cassandra’s mission is to solve the international healthcare communication and behavior issue which is costing businesses millions and individuals thousands of dollars annually.

Cassandra’s focus on outcomes derives from owning and managing a fitness & nutrition business for 20 years where Cassandra designed a transformation program for women (and later men) to get in bodybuilding or bikini shape in 12-16 weeks and created a national competition stage for the “average” person to proudly showcase their results; this concept was later adopted by one the largest natural bodybuilding sanctioned orgs in the world afterwards.

Cassandra has been nominated for several “Best of Businesses” awards and featured in newspapers, Success Magazine, and on TV. She is a proud member and sponsor of NursesBond Inc.

Connect with Cassandra on all social media and offline platforms at or email:


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