Information from The Washington Post (February, 2020) mentioned that Health officials in the United States warned that the spread of the coronavirus in the country appears to be unavoidable marking a significant change in the interference of international travel. South Korea currently has about 1,000 cases, 15 deaths in Iran and Italy has mentioned a few cases. Travel disruption has also extended to the United Arab Emirates, known to be one of the world’s main aviation points. We are at the time we need to be in a metacognitive state of mind. The functionality of the environment we live in can be easily disintegrated if proper healthcare actions are absent.

Despite the efforts of isolating and quarantine, the spread of the coronavirus is now an international concern. Healthcare officials including the “World Health Organization” recommended steps to take to minimize the risk of being infected by the virus:
1. Washing your hands regularly
2. Keeping your distance from individuals who might show symptoms of a cold or cough.
3. Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth or nose in public places
4. If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, please see a doctor.
5. Stay aware and informed of the health environment changes and consult with your healthcare provider for countermeasures if any.

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