March 26th, 2019

The Use of Virtual Reality in Radiology

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The use of virtual reality in medicine is steadily growing as areas of medicines find ways to utilize it. A recent study concluded that the use of Interactive virtual reality improves the efficiency of interventional radiology treatments. The study demonstrated guiding catheters through blood vessels projected onto a virtual reality headset. Virtual reality was shown to decrease the time to reach vessels that were targeted than in standard x-ray imagery.


“Virtual reality will change how we look at patient’s anatomy during an IR treatment,” said Wayne Monsky, University of Washington, “this technology will allow physicians to travel inside a patients body instead of relying solely on 2D, black and white images.” The downside is that hospitals with little funding, such as those in rural areas, do not currently have accessibility to this helpful technology.


Virtual reality has already been proven to be successful in other medical areas such as treating phobias, physical therapy, training hospital staff, and assist in promoting wellness. The study regarding radiology, which tested on 3D models and animals, is currently waiting on approval from the Food & Drug Administration.

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