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Become a Member Organization

NursesBond welcomes organizations that would like to become members of our team. By this, your employees will become members of NursesBond with all the benefits therein.

The Advantage?

The significant advantage of member organizations is that they do not have to worry about hosting social or networking events; NursesBond will incorporate all the activities they would like to provide to their members and provide.

A Chance to be FEATURED!

Member organizations will feature in our newsletters and social media platforms. It's a way for us to showcase and recognize your involvement and contributions within our community.

Access a Huge Network?

You will have access to our member and business directories firsthand, which will promote ease in doing business with our over 6,000 members and correspondences.

NursesBond is a membership organization dedicated to helping Nurse Professionals earn CEUs while growing as a professional, a nurse leader, or a nurse entrepreneur.

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